For the uninitiated, the title of this post is a play on the the sports term of endearment for South Africa’s rugby team. Up to now (although not in the future), they have been known as the Springboks, a lively, nimble, small-sized antelope. For short, “ama-bokke-bokke.”

In the near future they are to be renamed the Proteas, which is the national flower and also the name for other national sports teams. So now we will be able to be completely confused when sports seasons overlap with regard to which ‘Proteas” team we are referring to in our casual conversations. But I digress.

mini_bok_s.jpgStriding through the airport I was captivated by this superbly made mini-Bok rugby jersey. I thought to myself: If Calvin can be clad in all things Mets (Jay’s baseball team) and UNC (Jay’s basketball team)… why not have a mini-Bok in the family.

I didn’t have time to purchase a jersey just then, nor did I take a look at the price tag. So when my dear brother bought the jersey for Calvin just before I checked in to my return flight to NY, I had no idea until a few days later when we were putting the jersey through the wash so Calvin could wear it, of the *unbelievable* cost!!! (Yikes, and thank you!!!)

Yes it’s well made…. yes it has a springbok on it which Calvin loves (and just learned to say thins morning as in, ‘phe-ng-bo’)… but at that price I feel our family, or at very least my brother, should have a vote on whether we call the national rugby team the springboks, the proteas or anything else!


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