norovirus.jpgIf it’s been eerily silent on this little e-space, it’s only because we are barely coming out of four days of non-stop norovirus land.

We had quite a scare with Calvin on a ‘if he can’t keep fluid down he will have to come in’ (“in” being the hospital for treatment for dehydration.) Fortunately teaspoonsful of Gatorade every 10 minutes over a number of hours made all the difference. (In later hours it was agonizing to deny him the food and water he was begging for, as he was only allowed to have these in small, but frequent, amounts.)

It would have been challenging enough for the two of us to make sure Calvin got through this, while literally mopping up and running multiple loads of laundry to keep enough bedding, clothes and towels available (just use your imagination)… but I and then Jay succumbed to the virus. (The Centres for Disease Control site states, “In general, children experience more vomiting than adults.” I beg to differ.)

But now that I’ve violated both the quease and TMI boundaries, I’ll end by noting that “normal service will resume on Wednesday.” Until then, I’m still battling to convince myself that it’s okay to eat and drink, anything.



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