In case you missed it earlier, the word “A-ba” is Calvinish for “giraffe.” Giraffes are his favourite animal, so it wasn’t too difficult to choose a giraffe costume for his first conscious Halloween. (Last year he was a bear, wearing a bear hat, which we lost that same day!)

We’d been practicing wearing the costume, and while he liked it and was keen to get into it, it would last all of five minutes and then we had to take it off. We wondered if he was actually going to ‘wear’ the costume. Calvin’s caregivers at the creche assured us that there was nothing like the impact of seeing everyone else romping around in their costumes to increase the wearability of one’s own. And as you can see, they were right!

Calvin was delighted to be a giraffe. He kept running up to us and saying “Calvin… A-ba” and pointing to his tummy and rubbing it with his hands. Thanks to fellow moms HN and MJ for taking the photos — our camera died after I took the first photo! Thankfully we have these cute memories to share.



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