tworifficI am having a hard time getting my head around the fact that we’ll soon be celebrating Calvin’s second birthday. How can it be? Perhaps the higher quotient of sleepless nights, thousands of nappy changes, and diversions ranging from custom versions of “The wheels on the…plane/rocket ship etc.”, meals and, oh yes, the rest of life, time has sped past? Now I understand how decades could be said to fly by.

Fortunately we’ve been very conscious of being present, mostly because it’s been so darn exciting and also because that kind of approach to so many things seems to resonate.

So, while we’re planing how best to celebrate our TWOrrific little boy (looks alarmingly like ‘horrific’ at a glance) and adding a new category to the blog, we’ll bear foremost in mind the small and important every day things.

 Today’s highlight? You’d never believe how much snot a small nose could produce. (The poor guy’s home sick with a cold, sorry!)



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