Pooh and Piglet had the heffalump hunt, and for a while, my search for a multiple-set alarm application/clock solution, had me feeling like I too was simply doubling back on my own footsteps.

There were lots of red herrings — clocks that appeared to do the job, but under greater scrutiny provided more effort than their service, applications for the PC and phone that were more limited than the clocks!; navigating down mazelike options menus on my Blackberry to find not-quite-the-ideal solution.

And then I stumbled upon (though no thanks to that particular app!) a blog posting by someone.. just like me…and then another, by a student looking to organize his life… and they all let to the very satisfying GPB9.00 solution at www.handango.co.uk, namely BBSmartAlarmsPro (Check it out here.)

Ah… now I can stop trying to keep an eye on the clock, while a multitude of colour and ringtone differentiated alarms perform their countdowns on my Blackberry. Alerts like the very loud “got to get out the front door in 10 minutes” for each weekday morning; to the subdued and approrpiately hued reminder that it’s time to head off to yoga.



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