The stylish and serene interior of Ze Cafe, with cuisine to match!

The stylish and serene interior of Ze Cafe, with cuisine to match!

Earlier this year I made a serendipitous discovery while wandering around the East Side: a hidden gem of a cafe, serving fabulous food in a decor of refined proportion.

The cafe sibling of well-established florist, Zeze Florist, Ze Cafe lies on the south side on East 52nd off Second Avenue. You’d easily miss it even looking down the street, but I was zig-zagging my way purposefully taking roads not previously taken.

It was frigid the day I spotted the beckoning calm chic portals, and simply had to enter. On subsequent visits the staff have been fantastic, remembering me, my apparent seating preferences, who served me last, what I ate and making suggestions for new items that might appeal.

Along with the great service, there is the serene decor. One feels calm and tranquil entering the space — what I’d term the ‘Rose Reading Room effect’, but scaled to cafe size. The exposed brick walls are washed with warm light, a ledge running along both sides of the cafe supports perfectly manicured minature topiary (live!), and a stunning central table delights the senses with beautifully presented offerings of the day — mostly patisserie .

And then there is the cappucino. Or rather, the decaf cappucino. It’s marvellous. And one of my recommended stops in the city. The foam has body and is long lasting and creamy, the coffee itself not too darkly roasted or too bitter, but certainly has body and flavour. Ahhhh…

I highly recommend the muesli and fruit. It is heavenly (although the portion is rather modest.) And the french brioche toast is well worth the multiple spinning classes you’ll have to take to work of the calories.



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