It was great to titillate the gray matter on Wednesday evening, when, thanks to PS, I got to attend an Open to Debate event on whether we should, “Blame Washington more than Wall Street for the financial crisis.”

Between Dr. Doom and the CEO Killer, there were some interesting debaters. However, it was blindingly clear who had had some serious debate experience… Niall Ferguson was unstoppable, between his well crafted words, carefuly pacing, charming accent and wit, it’s no wonder the team for the motion took honours. (You can access transcripts and photos from the evening here.)

The next debate in the series looks to be one to tune into — “It’s wrong to pay for sex.” Rumour has it that Eliot Spitzer was originally on one of the teams (no longer), but with the ‘Mayflower Madam’ speaking against the motion, it’s one reason among many to tune into National Public Radio.



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