He loves his new scanmotion book from R, D, C & P

He loves his new scanmotion book from R, D, C & P

It may seem crazy, but I think that we had as much fun at Calvin’s birthday party as he had! The company — both tall and less tall — was terriffic, with Calvin getting to practice sharing with Mici, Nina, Sol, and Pascal, who ranged from not yet two to teen. (And great thanks go to Ms. P, whose great instincts kept the band of campers very happy.) 

We were so happy to have Grammy with us, but sad also not to have other family there too.
Coolest moment of the day was when we brought out the train cake (number two in case you’re counting, this time with an engine and four cars, one of which I got to share at work.) Calvin started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and we all joined in. Then we lit his candle and, having had no practice whatsoever, he blew his candle out right away.

He’s been enjoying the many georgeous birthday gifts he received — playing with his train every day, reading his books, engaged with his jigsaw puzzles and learning about numbers.

Friends and family
Friends and family
Toot-toot, happy toddler comin' through!
Toot-toot, happy toddler comin’ through!



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