If one thing can be said about this three-day weekend, it would be that we had a lot of laid back fun. Also, that we built a lot of tunnels… bought tracks and laid new train routes, and generally spent a lot of time in train-related activity.

But apart from this, we also managed to honour the official start of summer by…

…grilling… indoors.. with an amazing steak and so much attendant smoke care of our broiling-challenged oven that it resulted in an in-person investigation from building management.
…combining high- and low-style in unepected ways. We ordered a car with large trunk space to take us and our bicycles to the bike shop for servicing and the installation of a seat for the little guy. When an ordinary-sized car arrived, the company promised a speedy substitute. Ten minutes later a white, stretch limousine pulled up. I was amused to the point of near hysteria. Calvin was quite taken with the “loooong white car!” So imagine us, pulling up to the bike shop in our casual shorts with the bikes hanging out of the uncloseable trunk!
…a Ritzy, impromptu anniversary celebration at my newly-annointed favourite bar in the Big Apple — the bar at the Ritz Carlton by Central Park. Quiet, refined, and welcoming of two casually clad parents with napping toddler, we soaked up ambience, cocktails and a meal together.



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