View of Jerusalem, old and new

View of Jerusalem, old and new

My impression was that the term, ‘Holy Land’, was used primarily to refer to the areas across Egypt, Israel, Jordan and the occupied Palestinian territories  with sites of relevance to Christians. The truth is, of course, that Jerusalem is the epicentre of three of the world’s major religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. (Listed alphabetically.)

The layers of religious significance — often literally layered — culture, history and of course, politics are dumb founding, and take much, much more than a few days to comprehend. 

All I was able to do in a few snatched hours here and there, was to see as much as possible. Thank goodness for the extremely compact nature of ancient cities, and the unexpected generosity of friends old and new. Without either of these, I would not have managed to see so much in what amounted to a few hours between business.

Click here to view images capturing my brief experiences in this incredibly complex, layered place.


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