Shouts out go to the intrepid Brad Hickey. He not only made his way to South Africa’s wine epicentre, tasted his way into the hearts and minds (and even some homes) of such local viticultural standard bearers including the Finlaysons, Condes and Newton-Johnson, but he also hopped into his rental car and visited our home-in-progress. Beyond family and local friends, he is our first friend to visit the house. Best of all, he also shot and shared images of the house that show the newest changes. Brad you rule!
View of house from front right

View of house from front right

Below is a place I picture myself lounging in a hammock. Ahhhhh…. (And yes, I have been perusing possible hammock candidates, so if you have suggestions, please do share.)

The roof over the deck is starting to take shape.

The roof over the deck is starting to take shape.

 This view shows the lovely, diffuse light the roof is going to bathe the lounge in. Some of the structure will remain exposed, so we will be able to continue to enjoy the soothing symmetry and dynamic natural light.

View of the roof trusses.

View of the roof and floor joists for second storey.



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  1. I highly recommend the hammocks made in Guererro Mexico. Ours have gotten hours of snoozing use. You might have to plan yourself another vacation to get some.

    Did you go through Haines on your cruize?

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