It’s been a multi-day birthday celebration here, and yours truly has been thoroughly spoiled. It kicked off with a Jay-stravagant pre-BDay salmon dinner on Sunday (my favourite fish, but not his.. that’s loving sacrifice!), followed with all your warm and wonderful wishes, calls, cards, choral voicemails and in-person hugs. Thank you!
You’d think that would be more than enough… but no! I had a most amusing time directing the florist delivery guy through two attempted deliveries to me in the wrong neighbourhoods, to be rewarded with a stunning, modern arrangement from Jay. Then my wonderful team surprised me with a srumptious chocolate cake complete with candles (and I am keen on both the chocolate cake and candle front… how did they know?)
Then it was home to a “Happy Birthday” serenade from Calvin, who couldn’t quite agree that it was my birthday, or in fact, that moms had such things as birthdays. Post-bedtime, the revelry continued with chef-tacular Jay plating a marvellous steak, roasted asparagus and my absolute favourite potatoes. This was perfectly accompanied with a South African, Bordeaux-style red blend that we had acquired on our first trip together through the country — a Rupert and Rothschild, Baron Edmund, 2001. Yum!
A superb steak dinner...

A superb steak dinner...

Think that’s the end of it? Not a chance… today I was treated to the best Turkish meal I’ve had outside Turkey by my team. (I’m beginning to think there’s some mind reading going on… How did they know I *love* Turkish food?) And somehow I have another lunch delight next week, and my family threatening to spoil me when I’m home in November.
Sigh, I feel particularly blessed and pampered… and recognize just how very much I have to be grateful for. Thank you!



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  1. Hey there Tanya & Jay — we’re jealous. Jay — you’re down on the next Gansbaai visit roster to cook dinner … every night. Deserved haute cuisine for both BD Girl and her hubby.


    Dubs & Mom

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