I’m embarrassed to say that the past weeks, from about mid-November to about now, have blurred into one big stream of non-stop acitivty involving changing time zones, lots of work at all hours, and clearly not enough time to update anyone on anything.

Had I managed to link my twitter tweets to my blog before taking off to South Africa for ten days of on-site hard labour, you’d have been able to get a flavour of the days : early starts; lots of kilometres logged between Cape Town and Walker Bay; hardly any English spoken; and opportunities to dust off the DIY skills and, most especially, conflict resolution skills as I popped up in offices and factories of sub-contractors whose schedules had become decoupled from ours.

One global workshop and a continuing list of year-end processes later, and I’ve happily resigned myself to taking a break. A week with family in Ohio. Yes, we beat out the East Coast blizzard by mere hours, and are enjoying snow dusting the roads and creating a picture postcard white Christmas, my mother’s first ever.

Speaking of which… for the first time in… forever… I am not only behind, but so hopelessly behind in my Christmas preparations that our annual card hasn’t even been conceived, let along produced. I’m aiming for a Happy New Year card… but, frankly, probably Happy Groundhog Day (February.)

Who knows if more opportunity will present itself, but hopefully! Watch this space.



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