The person-sized rabbits that gave us good cause to pause.

Tonight, the 60 Minutes TV show featured a well-known American TV personality, Anderson Cooper, shark diving in SA. The person who took him runs his business from Gansbaai, the little town near our house. That got me excited because in less than two weeks I’ll be heading there, not to dive with sharks, but to do something almost as adrenaline-inducing: signing off on the completion of our house.

There are also some finishing touches to take care of, so to all you Mother City residents, please send me your recommendations on sources for any of the following. Seeking contemporary, modern styling but not at Twiice International prices. (Though we love their range.)

  • occasional chairs i.e. two chairs to complement a sofa we already have
  • narrow hallway table
  • simple bedside tables
  • floor lamps
  • coffe tables and side tables
  • source for inexpensive frames
  • fireside tools
  • sleeper couch

In other weekend highlights, we got to go on a short Easter egg hunt. Short, because of the foul weather that started raining the minute we exited our building. Unbelievably, a taxi materialized both on the way to the hunt and on the way back. You have to understand that this never happens, but we never hesitated to leap in.

All egged up and ready to sample.

Calvin was a little taken aback by the adults in rabbit costumes, but eventually selected a minature chocolate egg from one of their baskets. (Makes one think about why there are events that ‘encourage’ children to accept sweets from strangers, and we had a small aside about it.) Then it was on to finding eggs. Sad to say there were quite a few egg casualties on the lawn, eggs that were more soft than hard boiled. Calvin glued three eyes and a blue pom-pom onto his egg, helped himself to a few more sweets from a basket and then we headed back home.


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