z_sunsetIt’s been a sad few weeks, with news that reminds one to treasure every moment.

 While I was in Istanbul I learned the news about the unexpected passing of a woman I admired and had much to be personally grateful for. She was the one who co-ordinated much of the Fulbright programme in South Africa, and played the key role in helping me to open the doors to incredible learning experiences, enduring friendships and a life immeasurably enriched as a result. I found out via e-mail and connected to others on the Facebook memorial page.

It’s a few weeks later, and I just learned this evening of the unexpected passing of a friend via Facebook message. Young, fit and in one’s mental “least likely” profile that one would expect to learn this sad news about. A kind, enthusiastic and supportive person; he will be missed.

It reinforced the extent to which social networking has integrated itself into our lives. We connect, grieve, celebrate and yes, even reminisce in our virtual, asynchronous lounges. I stumbled upon a photographic blast from the past on Facebook that was simultaneously cringe-worthy and a reminder of good times past.  Hoping for more to come, for everyone. (Tagging will get you every time. Am beginning to feel that I need to employ defensive image tactics and post pictures of me to counteract the effect of the few up there mostly posted by other people.)



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