View of the lounge coming up the stairs.

“Sweetly at home,” that’s what the title of chapter five in Kenneth Grahame’s ‘Wind in the Willows’ means. It happens to be one of Calvin and my favourites, and also to capture perfectly my state of mind when looking at these photos and imagining myself, sweetly at home, in our house on Walker Bay.

Somehow the weeks have flashed by since I returned. Proof positive that somehow time has a different quality in the Overberg, where I got a ton of things done, but the stress of it all was ameliorated by the relaxed pace, rhythm of the sea, and sense of community.

Though I anticipated a more relaxed trip than previous ones, it still turned out to be hectic, including a wonderful wedding (U&J), opportunities to become reconnected to friends (NE, MAF); and time with my family and family (Kotzes.) There were furniture deliveries, craftsmen, interventions to prevent the chopping down of fynbos, new connections with locals, and delicious meals from sumptuous paella, to tripe, and many, many meat pies and fish and chips meals. Yum!

Certified comfy.

And here are the results, room by room. Don’t know about you, but my favourite mental journey is to picture myself somewhere in the lounge. I love the colour scheme and the calm, not to mention the view. The couch is long and comfy, the carpet is a great place to stretch out, and my mom gives both window seats her seal of approval. The deck is fantastic, we watched a pod of dozens dolphins splashing, leaping and feeding, as well as contemplated the southern skies in the evening.

Here are the nicest 21 photos from the trip. You can click here to view them on Flickr.



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