A family of hats.Easter weekend was a blast, and came complete with a parade appearance. After declining to participate, then suggesting engineer-worthy millinery, Calvin helped to make his hat and we completed our family finery on Saturday evening.

The theme? “Cheep”… cheep thrills, cheep skate. Inspired by the winter olympics we had cheeps skating, bobsledding, skiing and snowboarding their way down our hats. Calvin had a red train with cheeps aboard.  

Our seasonal toppers won a few admirers and even more photography.

 We had fun soaking in the sunshine, the street performers, and the fellow hat-totting paraders promending down Fifth Avenue. Calvin’s favourite was probably the towering butterfly hat that was about 3 foot above the wearer’s head. Jay and I enjoyed the quirky performing band with a mini-banjo strumming, a woman singing and a pair of human speakers amplifying the results to the audience. (Their hats were working speakers.)

The day’s crowning glory was a glorious horse and carriage ride through Central Park.


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