C and J have a midday snack on the left bank of the Seine.


Between three of us on two planes making our way from New York to Paris, I think we may have managed to clock in a cummulative five hours of sleep. So our first day in Paris has been bleary eyed and fatigure- and jetlag-fighting. But we’ve endured, getting out for something to eat (first time was a picnic-styled snack on the banks of the Seine; second time we got lucky at a creperie — as you can imagine a sleepy, unsettled thre-year-old has been a little standoffish on many fronts.) 

We’ve been hopping on and off the Batobus, a riverboat version of the hop-on-hop-off tourist bus and potentially a good alternate transport option ahead of tomorrow’s planned strike over the increase of retirement age, and this afternoon we even made it to the front of the Notre Dame. 

C and I relaxing o the Batobus while the Parisian world floats by

I’ve been faire des course-ing, stocked up on food basics at Monoprix, and discovered an excellent bookshop with a wonderland of children’s books in the Latin Quarter. Most proudly, I’ve actually been approached for help by French-speakers and managed to successfully deliver it in French! (Promise. Personally witnessed woman searching for the metro get down the stairs and two others get into a taxi after they couldn’t work out how to hail one.)

And finally, am posting this from the cute courtyard of our must-be-recommended hotel. Believe it or not, the Holiday Inn Notre Dame has a boutiquey feel, modern conveniences, fabulous location, for a good price. Formidable!



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