One of many apples Calvin picked

The last time I was near an orchard I’d have had to face off a large troop of baboons just to get near a tree. I was driving east along the N2 highway from Cape Town to Walker Bay, and the baboons were having a destructive eating orgy in the orchards: ¬†taking single bites and discarding the fruit, picking and dropping fruit and… sitting in the middle of the highway to feast on their ill-gotten gains.

Fortunately today was nothing like that. We spent the absolutely georgeous, sunny autumn day touring around the Hudson Valley, on our Zipcar debut. It was spectacular. After a drive that took us along many byways, we picked four varieties of apples from Masker’s Orchard in Warwick, NT. (Thanks to AM for the recommendation.) A few Golden Delicious for me, some Jonagold, and quite a few Red Delicious and Macintoshes. Calvin picked most of them, and also ate more than either of us — four apples one after the other!

Amazing post-war sculpture and inspiring landscape with double red visual punctuation

From there we stopped for lunch and then headed to Storm King, one of the world’s most notable sculpture parks. The combination of a pre-shooler with 500 acres of rolling hills, woods and fields was intoxicating. We ran, walked, wandered, hopped, plopped and had an exuberant exploration of the massive scuptures.

Jay and my favourite was Maya Lin’s Wavefield, although Jay and Calvin were very taken with Roy Lichtenstein’s Mermaid. We’re unanimously agreed that we have to come back for an entire, dedicated day.

Heading home, we delighted in ending a brilliant day with our sixth bridge — today we crossed five bridges: Roosevelt Island Bridge (twice), Queensborough Bridge, George Washington Bridge, Tappan Zee Bridge, and the Triborough Bridge. The rightful ending is a loud cheer for our able pilot and enabler, Jay. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!


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