There are so many good posts left undone… but my bags are all but packed, and tomorrow we’ll be airborne and heading to sunnier climbes for three weeks. Do my New Year’s Resolution of better posting discipline, and these good stories, will have to bid their time:

  • Calvin’s first skating experience and the great crab fest
  • How many lags can a jet lag lag if a…. (i.e. the synopsis of what happens when you boomerang halfway around the world in less than 3 weeks as in… New York > Johannesburg > Kampala > Johannesburg > New York > Istanbul > Sana’a > Istanbul > New York > London > Cape Town
  • And speaking of the above, what’s it like wandering one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world: Sana’a, Yemen
  • And of course, the tales of the memories we intend to make on the southern tip of Africa

Until then, wishing you and yours peace, love, happiness and great joy throughout this festive season and 2011.



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