Drinking sweet Arabic tea in the courtyard of the Old City in Sana'a

“Please don’t buy any ink cartridges,” joked one friend about my recent trip to Yemen. And certainly, one hears so much about the country and much of it not complimentary, that I couldn’t help but feel apprehensive packing the ‘Hostage Taking Card’ along with my toiletries and clothes.

The little that I got to experience was warm and flavourful, and entirely thanks to colleagues. Their local knowledge and hospitality led me through the Old City (2,500 years and counting), gifted me with lovely memories and souvenirs to remember it by. You can see photos from this destination-less-traveled by clicking here.

The experience I will treasure most was a fish feast, which started with a trip to the local fish market to choose our fish (shrimp, crabs and various fish fresh from the Red Sea) and cooked at a local restaurant in superheated ovens and hobs, together with wonderful flat bread. I know my dad would have loved a meal like that – brilliant food, interesting company in a completely unpretentious environment. Shukran!


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