As I sit relaxing on our sofa, nibbling on Joe’s Key Lime Pie and sipping herbal unwind tea after my workout, it’s hard to complain about that uncomfortable feeling that, as Jay says, “I feel like I ought to be somewhere else.” Truth be told, we’re determinedly not thinking about that somewhere else — sunny, 85F / 29C, and on our deck!

The hours between when we were supposed to leave (would have arrived) and are now still to depart seem displacing. It reminded me of that wonderful word that my maternal grandmother used, “Limbo.” Hers was the Catholic definition (souls barred from heaven) rather than the one I’m thinking of, “an intermediate or transitional place or state” or “a state of uncertainty.”

So here we sit in our place of uncertainty. It’s been quite a change to be at home but not rushing to and fro. That’s meant leisurely brunches, deadline-less outings to the library and museum, and late suppers — Jay reminded me the correct term is ‘staycation.’ Along with the leisure has been the opportunity to catch up on some overdue blog posts and photo processing, and more importantly, long overdue acknowledgements to Calvin’s sets of paternal grandparents.

Grammy was here to make Thanksgiving a roaring success and provide us with many moments of parental sanity. Try waking up to find your preschooler happily reading with Grammy instead of yelling loudly to wake you up, or the unprecedented chance to see two, first run movies in the movies theatre! The relaxation and fun of having her with us was, as always, priceless. While Calvin and I were dabbling in the arts of tailoring (read about that here), Grammy and Jay were whipping up an amazing Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings. (Though I claim the brussel sprouts and sweet potato bake.) You can catch an insight into that visit from the photoset by clicking here.

And we had good reason to go on giving thanks as little more than a week (and one trip to Uganda) later, we had Pop and Carol come for the weekend. It was a jam-packed days of fun and firsts: C’s first time skating, my first time eating Joes Stone Crabs (and in the comfort of our own home even better!) Christmas came early as Santa Pop delivered our gifts in abundance, and we have been enjoying playing our new keyboard every day, not to mention a mini-air force of jets and requisite rescue helicopter. You can browse the photoset from this visit by clicking here.

And so, I’ve been making good use of the extra time to reflect on the reasons-too-numerous-to-believe for us to be thankful. And so I am thankful too, for the unplanned extra time to get this post with these photos from these special days up… finally.



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