Enjoying Snowforty snowforty.

Those of us who don’t grow up in certain climbes have no idea what a ‘snow day’ is. (Hint: ” A weather-related cancellation or delay is when an institution, operation, or event is closed, canceled, or delayed as a result of inclement weather conditions.”) So the whoops of elation in our apartment this Thursday emanated as much from me (my second ever snow day) and Calvin (because Mama was going to be playing with him all day.) There were no whoops of joy from the third member of the household; snow days are where telecommuting professionals lose out.

I would have thought that the 19 inches of pristine snow in the park in front of our building would have been too much for anyone to resist, but with the exception of four other tweens, Calvin and I had it to ourselves for 3.5 hours of snowmersion. Calvin ate it, lay in it, swum in it, leaped about. I made snow angels and started in on the snow fort Calvin had been talking about wanting to build when it snowed.

Over breakfast Calvin christened it “Snowforty snowforty,” complete with an official “Welcome to…” sign. Of course, I thought a snow fort was a walled compound. Jay set me straight on the construction of a snowfort: build a massive, compacted snow mound, then hollow it out carefully. Yes, it’s a lot of work.

Racy and red, C took to the slopes with glee

Fortunately I was not building this single-handedly, Calvin hauled in huge piles of snow… from the furtherest reaches of the park. That was no mean feat considering every step sunk him thigh high in the white fluffy stuff. Two-and-a-half hours of non-stop effort later, and we had a fort of sorts. It wasn’t high enough to stand up in, but the tunnel provided lots of fun.

Since we’ve been back we have been making the most of the snow — snowball fights on the way to school, and Calvin’s sledding debut a few weeks ago down Pilgrim Hill in Central Park (one of the best sledding sites in the city.)  It’s been a blast… bring on the snow!


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