Thank goodness C and friends are not yet old enough to be reading the blog. That leaves me at ease to share the state of approaching birthday prep without the risk of ruining the surprise.¬†With three weeks to go, it’s been a collaborative process thus far. Theme discussions, testing out design concepts, finding the artwork (no credit to me, and yes, I am enjoying this thoroughly!)

This year, like last, there’s going to be a party at school. It will be a joint celebration with a friend with an adjoining birthday. From our end, the theme will be robots, complete with chocolate cupcakes made by C and I (in robot cupcake holders with robot inserts), a robot-themed invitation and a minimalist goodie bag with a very cool robot pen.

This is what we’ve got for visual execution. 1. The invitation, which I plan to try and die cut so that when you fold it the top part stands up. 2. This will be a personalised sticker for each friend that seals their goodie bag… Hey… maybe I’ll make every friend a few, smaller personalized robot stickers!

The draft invitation

The personalized robot sticker



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