Just jelly-in'

Thank goodness we seized the moment last weekend and took the very long subway ride to the sea, Coney Island and the New York Aquarium. The weather then was springlike, rather than freezing as it is now.

My absolute favourite were the jellyfish. My Cape Town friends will probably recall a time when I was determined to install a jellyfish tube in my house. They really are wonderfully calming creatures to watch… blip-blip-bliping their way up, and then turning inside out and floating downward in a flower-like form. Note: it’s less relaxing when you understand how complicated and expensive a home installation is! So the aquarium is the next best thing.

The New York Aquarium has a wonderful series of jellyfish displays with blue light. So I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Calvin had a great time too. The friendly giant turtles and associated tank pals (sharks, stingray, permits) were his favourite. After a lovely time there we headed back and asked, “What was your favourite part about this trip to the aquarium?” His reply? “The ride on the elevated subway! When the subway is underground we are trapped. When we are elevated we are free. I like to be free! ”


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