Waiting in our hospital haute couture ahead of the operation. Photo: Grammy.

Today was a big day for the little guy in our household. For the past year his hearing has steadily decreased to a loss of 35-40%. This morning, he had an operation to drain fluid in his ears and have tubes inserted.

As a person who’s undergone three operations in her life, I realized that today was the first time I’ve ever seen the inside of an operating theatre  in a conscious state. I played the outwardly confident parent accompanying Calvin, but it felt quite overwhelming. Fortunately we have a wonderful doctor and the team he works with was terrific. They were clearly pros at dealing with young patients, although it took hard work between the anaesthetist and I to hit on the right analogy to convince Calvin to try breathing through the mask.

The results of this kind of operation are immediately gratifying in a way that few others are: instantly improved hearing (“Mama, I can hear all kinds of new things!”), with minimal recovery time and discomfort.

Thanks to everyone for keeping us in your thoughts, and to Grammy for making a special trip to support us for a week.


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