I felt honoured to wear my necklace

If you know me, you know that I enjoy interesting jewelry. It matters less the actual value of the materials — non-conflict diamonds, 18 karat gold — than the provenance of the piece.

Among my favourites are my mother’s pearls, my grandmothers antique Chinese jade, African beads and a tumbled glass and string necklace from Makola Market in Accra, Ghana.

But I have a new favourite: the necklace Calvin made for me at camp this week. Here I’m proudly wearing it to work, and I plan to treasure it for a lifetime.

It seems the summer has stimulated both of our creative juices. While C was beading, I was creating a comic book for him.

‘Ace Pilots: Mission Critical’ features some of his current interests in flying, expressed through lots of images borrowed and customized — cropped, clipped, deep etched and filtered.

The actual book exists as a hardy laminated book. And to share it with you, I’ve tried out some page flipping software. (You can see a snippet of what it looks like in the photo.) So, if you’d like a quick ‘flip’ through a story of  jet planes, click here to read the e-Book version of ‘Ace Pilots: Mission Critical.’


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