The wreath 'fixins'...

...and the end result

It’s been a fun and surprisingly social weekend. Grilled steaks perfectly paired with 2004 Vergelegen bordeaux blend, our friend C staying for the weekend and cheering “friend Tim” on his successful NY City Marathon conquest. By some warp of the laws of time and productivity, we also managed to get all our errands done, have a lovely lunch at the perennially pleasing DBGB, and even make progress on two of our projects.

Our T-class model racing boat is on its second coat of varnish — the fumes of the first coat having firmly convinced me of the need to undertake this activity “in a well-ventilated area” as instructed. This afternoon, Calvin and I varnished with our masks on, out on the chilly balcony.

We also took down our Halloween decorations and made the autumn wreath we’ve been planning for the last two months. All the pine cones from our local ‘fort-in-the-forest”; curated selections of leaves from Blue Hill farm, Storm King, Central Park and parts north up the Hudson River Valley; joined handmade, art paper animals from my mom in South Africa, and “more ribbons.”

The creative team

My sensibility was austere compared  to my creative compadre who insisted we ‘fill it all up” as we glue gunned with seemingly wild abandon. Have to admit the end result is visually pleasing.


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