Grammy and C get into the holiday spirit

There are candy takers and candy givers, and I find it interesting that while we enjoyed some trick or treating, C remains firmly in the camp of enjoying giving out more than receiving.

To that end, our number 1 pootjie (a small, cauldron-like cast iron pot normally used to slow cook items over an open fire in South Africa) has done good service again as our Halloween candy dispenser. I had a certain amount of angst as to whether we had laid in enough sweets, but in the end, 130 pieces later, we didn’t run out.

Our Halloween run-up was made all the sweeter by Grammy visiting for a week. Not having the morning or evening rush was such a blessing, a week’s respite, but we’re missing her already!

Aargh! Our piratical pumpkin.

We had fun sticking up fake spider web stuff on our front door and turning our foyer into a bat-cum-giant-spider lair. With the lights turned low and black streamers draped from the ceiling, our skull-and-crossbones pumpkin looked wonderfully atmospheric. The tableau earned us a pile of compliments from Halloween’s most jaded critics — middle and high school trick or treaters. (I admit to being inordinately proud of having carved the pumpkin.)

While Calvin had enjoyed romping about as Captain Rex at the local Halloween celebrations on the weekend, he decided to be a “US soccer star” today. After soccer class today, while freezing in his soccer kit, we serendipitously stumbled across the amazing Halloween displays and generosity of the East 70s (East 79th street most notably), and kicked off our trick or treating.

An example of the type of decoration that turned an entire brownstone into a pirate palace on the Upper East Side

The largess of the treats — large bags of candy — reminded me of my first trick or treat experience as a graduate student in DC, where we American University students would hit the candy lottery otherwise known as the wealthy suburbs surrounding the campus in north west DC. That meant full-sized chocolate bars, not the bite-sized ones that people generally hand out.

The most fun was coming home and going trick or treating with dad, and then returning to our apartment to give out candy to the fellow trick or treaters. Happy Halloween!


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