Enjoying the terrace and walled gardens of Peterhouse with colleague SN.

The  packed day here at Cambridge began at 6:45am for those who wanted to make the early morning yoga class. (Check.) We had stimulating and incredibly engaging sessions on leadership and management in practice, with illustrative exercises involving LEGO. My competence in building LEGOs, honed through hundreds of hours of creative collaboration with Calvin were of little use. The exercise revolved around distributed knowledge and communication, and was immensely fun and insightful.

This evening’s dinner was in the Old Combination Room, a senior common room, of Peterhouse. This is the oldest college in Cambridge , founded in 1284. The architecture, building materials, wood-paneled room (and especially the external toilets), were very evocative of an earlier era. The opportunity to experience a formal dinner and clear our plates immersed in a palatable patina was such a treat.

This was a good dining contrast to last night, where we joined the locals at the oldest pub in town, The Eagle, a relative newcomer having been established in the 1400’s. (Very nice sausage and mash with a half-pint of cider.)

On the walk back ‘home’ to Murray Edwards (a.k.a. New Hall) lat night, the glistening streets felt very much like a Hogwarts-meets-Diagon-Alley set. One would expect Voldemort to apparate at any moment, with nothing more to to brandish but our pointy black umbrellas.




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