After a few months of complaining about the various violent posters he notices, Calvin has decided to take up this cause. This mini-advocate asked us to help send his message to the Mayor’s office, after quizzing us about ‘who is in charge’ of this. So he asked us to videotape his message. We’ve sent the following message to the Office of the Mayor, as well as a copy to Mr. Joseph J. Lhota, the head of the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Who knows if this will go anywhere…


Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

Our five-year-old son, Calvin, is upset with the many violent and scary movie, TV and video game outdoor advertisements that bombard us on New York City’s streets and in the public transport system.

This week he decided on his own that he wanted to take up this issue and wants to send you, Mayor Bloomberg, a message asking you to do something about this. He asked us to video his request. This is it:

In recent month’s Calvin has pointed out the adverts for Dead Red Redemption, Dredd 3D, Hatfields & McCoys and Skyfall. “Why are they pointing guns at me?” he asks.

It would be appreciated if your office could acknowledge receipt and respond — this young boy believes in the power of your office and in its responsiveness and accountability to the city’s residents.

Thank you.
Calvin’s parents


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