Bull Brand vs SPAM: no contest

It’s at (potentially) trying times like these that perhaps one reverts a little to type. Moments when one’s local weather becomes the national lede, is reported in superlatives and becomes part of a media frenzied build up in anticipation of lots of wind and precipitation. The Big Apple couldn’t possibly be facing off with a storm… nor a mere hurricane… it had to be a hashtag-ready #megastorm . (Wouldn’t “monster storm” have been more Halloween-authentic?)

Thus, it feels like the (possibly) responsible thing to contribute to the economy and go out and experience shopping deja vu. The list is one I’ve fulfilled too many times before: water, canned food, candles, matches, batteries and ready the ‘to go’ kit. Let’s see, there was 1994 when South Africa’s democratic birth bred the fear of potential mayhem… and then 1999/2000 when the Millennium Bug was going to bring everything to a halt… and then 2011 when Hurricane Irene struck… and now we await Hurricane Sandy on its collision course with another winter storm.

Surveying our cupboards its clear something in cans other than a selection of Williams Sonoma braising starters and re-fried black beans is required. When faced by what to buy that we’d still want to eat under normal circumstances, I find myself hankering after Bull Brand beef (corned beef) and Chakalaka. Give me Koo’s butter beans, green beans and baked beans and I’ll show you a three-bean salad. I could eat All Gold mixed fruit jam on bread for a few days. And how about some spicy Lucky Star pilchards canned in the fishing harbour near our house on Walker Bay. (Do you think Nestle Condensed Milk qualifies as a tinned food staple under the circumstances?)

Of course, none of those are on sale here, so I’ll have to stock up on a selection of the brands that are on offer. But be clear on one thing: No SPAM!





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