Lotus EliseI e-mailed my friend R a few weeks ago to pose a question about e-mail programmes. His reply was crazy. “I know nothing about Lotus Notes,” he wrote. “But I just bought a Lotus Elise.”

The silver beasty dropped by this evening, somewhat fresh from its cross-country voyage from Nevada to New York — nice road trip if you can get it! It is nothing if not an attention magnet, people literally came out of stores and buildings to gawk at the low slung rumbler.

In the Chrysler SebringGetting in and out elegantly clearly require practice, at home, when no one’s looking. But what a cool drive this car is going to be this summer — it’s a convertible.

There’s definitely something liberating about taking your top down. (Now, now…) Just last week I was buzzing about LA in the hands of an excellent driver, sunglasses and headscarf in place. Granted, the Chrysler Sebring isn’t in quite the same class, but it was oh so much fun.

Driving about in a convertible is sort of that halfway point of the luxuries of a car, with that connectedness that riders of two-wheeled vehicles always talk about.

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