jap2.jpgThere are people you know, and then there are people you know who posess uncanny culinary intelligence. This lady (right), is one of the latter, to whom we can attribute the discovery of numerous places of caloric worship.

She is part of that posse of culinary Christopher Columbuses; persons we follow down flourescent staircases with the design -worthiness of an emergency exit, along dingy corridors, and through paper-recyling-strewn basements to emerge into one of New York’s best-kept Japanese secret eateries.

In New York, that’s priceless knowledge.

jap3.jpgThanks to my intrepid contact, I’ve been enjoying this particular place over the past year. But then, not a fornight ago, Time Out New York went a did a review. Did they *have to* mention it has one of the best sake selections, and the most delicious and inventive Asian dessert selections?

The latter is all important to anyone who plans with the end in mind. Take today’s delight — sweet chestnut with black bean paste, green tea ice cream and sweet sesame rice cracker. Delicious, light and complex in texture, tastes and sweetness.

So I’m staying mum about the exact location (try E43rd between Second and Third and head improbably into an office-like school entrance next to Hapon), but that’s less because I’m not telling because you’re not asking, and more because I only know it by the codename “The secret Japanese place.”

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