Penny's messageHere I sit on a wonderfully warm New York Saturday and there’s still something I miss compared to last week. It’s not the killer date milkshake (and if one were a suicidal diabetic, let me recommend that as one delightful way to end it all!), nor the LA sunshine (seeing as we are having our own lovely dose of vitamin D.) It’s a certain pup named Penny.

Penny and I have had a virtual relationship these past 2.5 years — which is almost the period that I have been poochless for the first time in my entire life! Images of her impossibly cute puppyhood have enlivened my in-box. Tales of her multi-state exploits and explorations have captivated me. Her star turn on a calendar added the frisson of excitement one usually reserves for meeting a real-life bigwag.

PennySo I was thrilled to make her in-the-fur acquaintance. Rumours of her intelligence and good behaviour are true, and her spelling’s not half bad either ;0) (See top photo.)

This Very Important Pup is a joy to spend time with — from a 6 mile hike in Westridge, to playing with her toys (the hedgehog is my favourite) and snuggling down to sleep. Yellow lab lovers — this is the poster pup!

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