Screenshot of photographer Chris Ramirez's official websiteIn those handy wedding planning checklists you get online (, etc.) and in the copious bridal magazines, photographers are meant to be scouted, signed and settled six to nine months in advance. So imagine our panic when our photographer friend was suddenly unable to be here for the big day… and that some six weeks before the day!

We got referrals and references, researched local directories, but only one photographer’s work immediately grabbed us (okay, me especially). And interestingly, that one name kept popping up across people whose opinions I value in these matters artistic.

That name was Chris Ramirez.

That would be the same Chris Ramirez whose images regularly grace the pages of The New York Times, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning, post 9-11″A Nation Challenged” section, the Travel section and… the Sunday Vows. (The latter of which judging by their silence, seem to have deemed this couple not quite desirable enough for their section… despite our personal PR prose submissions.)

“But he only selects less than a dozen weddings a year to document!” I squealed to Jay. Needless to say, there was tension as we awaited a reply to our e-mail enquiry.

In the interim, I feverishly browsed Chris’ website and salivated over the luminosity, texture, intimacy and yes, sheer artistry of the images. To me, they are images that are firstly art, secondly great documentary and thirdly, oh yes, fabulous personal moments.

Fortunately we didn’t spend too many sleepless nights between learning that he was available and taking a unanimously happy decision to have him be a part of our celebration.

Take a look at some of the wonderful images he has taken on his website and you’ll agree we landed the platinum medal winner.

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