lake_house.jpgFor those who don’t already know it, there is only one “star” that I would qualify as being a screaming fan of, and that would be Keanu Reeves. Don’t mistake me for being one of these recent ‘Matrix’ adorees, my Keanu fix goes back 20-plus years to the days of ‘Bill and Ted‘ and ‘My Own Private Idaho.’

So you can imagine my glee at a double-feature Keanu summer — romantic dramady ‘The Lake House‘ and a science fiction movie based on a book by one of my favourite authors, Philip K. Dick, ‘A Scanner Darkly.’

Trailers for ‘The Lake House’ had me hooked from the start — I have no problem suspending reality for the sake of a storyline, especially one that requires some violations of the laws of physics and the space-time continuum… in exchange for a good, “long distance” love story.

No spoilers here, I will only say that apart from one or two over-played scenes, it was a thoroughly enjoyable, heart wrenching ride, complete with some really good script writing (even by Jay’s high standards), fabulous architecture-related lines and visuals.

But if you had absorbed and enjoyed as much of the trailer as I did, some things were glaringly at odds: like they never deliver the “How’s your sunset?” line, and the song I waited to hear, and would have been oh so perfect as the credits started rolling, never played and isn’t on the soundtrack: Keane’s “Somewhere only we go.”

What’s with that? Well, one of those much-touted aspects of the internet is its ability to connect with other like-minded people, so I was happy to hook up with a bunch of similarly disappointed folks on IMBD’s discussion boards on the brief topic of “did we miss it?”, “where’d it go?”, “who/what is it?”

iTunes, one order of Keane to go with my Keanu, thanks.

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  1. Scanner deliciously

    Pair a wonderful summer afternoon with a stroll through Chelsea, calorie-killer cookies from City Bakery (as in the chocolate fudge cookie has a cookie layer sandwiching solid chocolate — it’s insane! Don’t eat this alone!!) followed by Keeanu on the…

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