Those who see me day-to-day had begun to notice a rather odd expansion round the midsection and only the brave have ventured to ask whether… it’s related to my new habit of buying lunch or… something else?

Well, it’s time to come clean. Now that we’ve passed a number of key milestones and cleared the standard battery of tests necessary in the US, I’m happy to share the news that our family of two is an unofficial family of three.

Yes, we’re pregnant and just started our twenty-first week of the process!

bebe.jpgWe already know quite a bit about our little one: like the fact that he is a he, is a pretty active little guy and likes to produce cute poses for his sonograms. This is my personal favourite image so far — positively cherubic! In case you’re having trouble deciphering what you’re seeing, the little one we’ve dubbed “the stowaway,” can be seen snoozing with head to the left, legs and arms tucked in, and yes, mooning all of us!

These past months have found me sleeping a lot and engaged in all manner of nesting activities, including some knitting (a teddy bear and a hat have been completed thus far); sewing (a cool monochromatic soft ball, some maternity outfits for me, with plans for turning some of our old towels into sets of bibs, burpers and washcloths) and I am also making my first quilt.

So yes, I’m afraid that you will have to put up with posts related to our great expectation, plans for him and progress of nesting projects… but I also promise to keep the missives coming on topics much wider than this, but at least I have a good excuse for the paucity of recent posts :0)

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  1. Congratulations to you both! That’s such exciting news — hooray!! 🙂 Do keep us posted with news about your developing pregnancy and babe.

  2. Excellent! From tiny Accones mighty oaks will grow. Or something like that. My congratulations to you and the other bit of the production line.

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