baby-wave.jpgOne thing I can already tell you about our little 20-week-old baby is that he’s full of energy! Though we’ve dubbed him “the stowaway,” since his 17th week he’s been making his presence known with stretches and kicks that sometimes make me think that “thumper” might be a good secondary moniker for him right now.

You’re probably wondering why I chose to use this blurry sonogram image. Well, it’s the first image of our little one waving. That blur is his arm. It was taken at a September 11th check-up.

At a mere 12 weeks, the little guy surprised my doctor and the sonogram imager with his athleticism. While they were taking careful measurements, zooming in for a specific shot, he bounced totally out of the frame leaving us with a screen filled with murky blackness — a.k.a. my middle bits!

Since I’ve been able to feel him moving about in week 17, he’s been doing his daily anerobics regularly. He’s most active just after I’ve started to eat, or when he is hungry — like on a weekend morning when I’m trying to sleep in late but he’d much rather wiggle me awake for breakfast. (Those among you who are already parents are probably going to tell me to get used to this, right?!)

Most exciting of all has been that Jay has been able to feel the little guy kick and squirm. It’s both comforting and wonderful to feel our little one on the move. It’s especially funny when no one else in the vicinty has any idea that someone is doing an independent wiggle in your middle. What a great reason to smile.

And one more reason to smile has been the heart-warming messages and comments you’ve all been sharing with us. Thank you :0)

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  1. dear tanya,

    it’s great to follow your progress, and to see the stowaway. please continue to keep us posted! we pray for both of your health.

    pat & carol

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