You’ll have to forgive me for my silence this week — but parties and birthdays will do that to ya. The past week has been a fun one, filled with bouquets, best wishes and a birthday blowout dinner for two… okay, three.

The pregnant tummy made a noticeable party debut too. At an annual barbeque extravaganza this Saturday, all invitees were instructed to wear temporary tatoos. Casting about for suitable festive wear, a blast of inspiration struck. Recently my friend L returned from India with a number of treats, among them, a body sticker. A colour burst of sparkles and diamante.

preggy_tummy_s.jpgYou bet I stuck that exactly where it was intended to be: on the belly button. And yes, me, my tummy and my unborn baby boy had far too much fun showing off our presence.

It certainly feels like my tummy has been inflated overnight over the past week. I keep waking up and asking Jay who attached the bicycle pump to my belly button and pumped it up overnight. But he assures me that it’s been growing steadily, and I’m just noticing it now.

Sounds alarming, sort of like a steadily growing volcano, waiting for its moment to erupt! Well, at 6 months, one week and a few days, it’s still a few months away. But for those of you asking for a profile shot… witness Calvin krakatoa in the making :0)

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