curled-starfish_s.jpgSee the Martha’s Vineyard photo highlights here. (The link has been fixed!)
If you had asked me to put money on it, I would have laid a bet the size that might buy a basket of organic Honeycrisp apples. (That’s a none too shabby pile of cash. The apples retail at a horrendous $2.00 to $2.50 each… but they’re wonderfully delicious and, you know, the baby loves them ;0)

In other words, as a person who doesn’t bet, I was almost entirely certain that I’d be one of those Martha’s Vineyard visitors who would dutifully and proudly return sporting one of those uqbiquitous black, silhouetted labrador t-shirts from Black Dog Tavern.

The Black Dog is a popular gift shop, restaurant and bakery. A wildly successful business launched three decades ago by a retired air force jet fighter pilot Captain Robert Douglas. A sort of Top Gun to tourist tuck and trinkets. In my head, this establishment would be original and be filled with charm and, well, the sort of good karma that makes one want to sport a logo.

Was I wrong.

The Black Dog has franchised every high density inch of the island. You find so many outlets that it’s nigh impossible to tell one from the other. Great business strategy, but not if you want to sell me a t-shirt. In fact, the only clothing item I seriously considered purchasing was a caustic rip off: a t-shirt of a silhouetted labrador doing a number two. (Okay, I did actually buy some fabulously soft, cotton beachwear that was most flattering through the early parts of my pregnancy.)

But I digress too much. Because the truth is we had a fabulous time on the island with a family of friends, zipping about in tiny, brightly-coloured Jeeps; enjoying most the open spaces, the beaches requiring ardurous hikes to find, and attempting to rescue stranded and long-deceased starfish. You can see some of the photo highlights here in my Flickr album.

And we had an absolute blast staying with G, C and the boys in their Boston palace, complete with sunny outdoor pool and pool-perfect weather. Who could ask for anythung more for an end of summer getaway?

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