puppets.jpgThere are few situations that I can think of in which “gving someone the finger” could possibly have a good outcome. Come to think of it, this is about the only instance of that action that I can see being welcomed. And what it takes is… a fabulous finger puppet.

If you’re looking for some excellent stocking stuffers for those who are young or young at heart, let me recommend taking yourself to Prince and Greene Streets in Soho, New York. I’ve seen countless sidewalk vendors who sell finger puppets, but these are in a class of their own.

The range is extraordinary, the options incredibly creative. Take, for example, some lateral thinking in the form of the groovy green crocodile that turns your finger into a reptile body. There are superheroes, animals and soon, a full nativity.

But what makes these truly in a class on their own are the stuffed features and expressions. Friends E and R and I were waylaid for an extended time period choosing between one red dungaree wearing money and another. All that character packed into pinkie-sized knits.

About now what would sell like hotcakes would be finger-sized political figures… but on second thought, they’d probably incite wearers to hark back to placing them on their middle fingers and…

So perhaps one should stick to the animals. We each purchased a selection that appealed to us and to those little people we had in mind. R, the Aussie, had to have the kangaroo — as did I mind you. It came complete with a baby roo in a pouch! E was the one to first spot those fabulous simians; she got the monkey with banana and a second one with a baby monkey on its back. I couldn’t resist the dungareed dude. And I had to get the browsing donkey, the little elephant and the stripey tiger too.

It reminded me of when I used to keep a steady supply of finger puppets on me as a frequently business traveller. They’re amazing little aids in distracting and delighting distraught little travellers. Plus they’re an inexpensive giveway.

So hopefully baby Calvin will be as delighted by finger puppets and hand puppets as his mom. (Who *loves* playing with them. Friend K can testify that we’ve always had a hand puppet accompaniment on every trip to FAO Schwartz.) Well, now we have the start of our little collection…

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