“It’s a bummer,” as we’d say in SA. I’d love nothing more than to be prostate and sleeping right now, but my coughing has resulted in waking up all three of us! Poor Jay rose and made me a huge mug of mango and chamomile tea. It worked brilliantly, for about 30 minutes and then the hacking resumed. Fortunately Calvin was already awake this morning before I started coughing, so he didn’t get the awful shock he did two morning’s ago when he was awakened by what must seems like volcanic eruptions and earthquake like shaking in his little world. But rather than keep three people awake, I am now sitting comfortably in Jay’s armchair, still coughing, but a little less.

But on to the business of this brief post. What appeared in this weekend’s New York Times? None other than a review of Kyotofu, the local dessert spectacular I blogged about in December, ‘To Kyoto and back in six easy blocks’.

The reviewer, Peter Meehan writes, “The place couldn’t be a tougher sell. Dessert restaurants are hard enough, but rallying your friends with the late-night cry of “Who wants to go to Hell’s Kitchen for some tofu?” really pushes it.” I hope he’s refering to the tofu part and not dissing our ‘hood!

But he continues to give it a good review. Read the full NYTimes review here, but do it today before the timed, iron curtain pay-per-view to the archive kicks in.

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  1. Tanya! I’m so sorry I missed your baby shower, but our apartment is so clean…it was worth it. Will you email me? My sister wants to find out how to apply for jobs at the UN, and I want to find out about baby stuff. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I saw you that you managed to grow a whole baby! And I can’t wait to meet him! xo Leontine

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