Around this time of year I know my colleagues, friends and others are going through their performance appraisals. What I realized as I participate in this process as both appraiser and appraisee, is that motherhood is one of those ‘jobs’ where performance feedback would help immeasurably.

intuition.bmpInstead, or at least at this early stage, the only feedback you receive is negative, normally in heart-wrenching screwed up faces oozing the hurt of a babe misunderstood, or aurally assualted by high pitch, high decibel denouncements of your failure to timeously recognize the babe’s needs.

Imagine the alternative.:
B: Effectiveness and efficiency of nappy changing has improved markedly with repetition and training.
A: Quality and timeous satisfaction of nutritional needs. (Difficult to criticize in the face of healthy weight gain.)
C: Parent’s enthusiasm to provide stimulation is much appreciated. This eagerness should be tempered to improve ability in recognizing when I’ve had enough of a specific activity.
F: Capacity to read my mind. (Where’s that mother’s intuition? But a C for misread but well-meant efforts.)

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