hobbes.gif…Hobbes can’t be far behind.

Now before you leap to conclusions and assume that the reason we chose the name, ‘Calvin’, is because of the cartoon, it’s not. But at least this should clear up any question as to how to spell his name (which understandably sounded like ‘Kelvin’ to some.)

As for the provenance of Hobbes? As we know, Bill Watterson never allowed any merchandising of his memorable characters. Props for this fuzzy fellow go to a fabulous ex-colleague who made him for me. She was a financial analyst and one of the top business writers in South Africa… with talents in other areas, namely creating fluffy toys (or “stuffed animals” as they call them this side of the pond.) She worked out how to create Hobbes for her daughter, and graced and gifted me with this one. JW… thank you to you!

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  1. This whole picture (and story) is too cute. It’s truly precious. I recently tried to make a Hobbes of my own, for my friend, because there are none online. Your boy is adorable too. 🙂 You are lucky to have him, and he is lucky to have a Hobbes– especially such a sweet, soft looking one. 🙂

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