anni1.gifJust like the movies; first there was ’28 days’ and now ’28 weeks later.’ Well, I have to offer ‘the wedding’ and then, ‘365 days later’. Yup, I can hardly believe it either. On 27 May a year had passed since we got married.

Jay says it seems like a scant few months ago. I agree, although for me it vascillates between seeming like a few months ago and a few years ago. Why? Simply because we’ve packed so much into the past 12 months. How about wedding, blissful St Lucia honeymoon and, nine months later, the stowaway disembarked and we had three-month-old calvin with us to celebrate our first anniversary.

First anniversaries may be paper, but no, we didn’t celebrate with a diaper/nappy storm. Showered with unique vintage jewelery and a sumptuous picnic in Central park was the way to go.

anni2.gifWe chose Sheeps Meadow for our pinic, sentimentally located across from Tavern on the Green where we had our wedding reception. Except the thematic ties didn’t strike us until we had tucked into the French cheese, chocolate-covered pretzels and champagne. Engaged, married, reception and now anniversary in that self-same park!

Calvin enjoyed the celebration too. Spending half the time snoozing in his car seat and the other completely astounded with the numerous people in the meadow. You can his his eye view in the photo.

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  1. congratulations! happy first anniversary!

    i had such a good time at your wedding, its fun to remember… and what a year it’s been.

    bst wishes for many more years of happiness together. hi calvin!

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