At first glance this little display might remind you of something being spat out from a ‘should you change your hairstyle?’ programme. But it is, in fact, me. Or rather, insta-avatar with hairstyle options.


How could I resist the invitation to try out Oddcast’s new online functionality to build my own virtual mini-me? It was as simple as 1 – upload photo of self; 2 – ace specific face markers on photo to enable rendering and 3 – click the create button.

After that last step you get your avatar, whose eyes eerily follow your cursor across the screen, like a contemporary Mona Lisa trick. (Except in this case, the eyes are clearly following you.) Then you can play around with hairstyle, and the colour of everything from your skin to your irises.

I’ve no idea why my digital mini has a much more elongated face than me — is there a funhouse factor built into the generation algorithym? But I think one thing is clear: my mom was right when she cautioned me against certain hair experiments… but the results made me grin as they reminded me of those TV shows and movies with characters of “international intrigue” with their various disguises.

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