oball.gifThis genius toy, the Oball, will be one of the items in our carry-on luggage. Completely squishable, Calvin has gotten to grips with it, and loves holding it in one, the other and then both hands and sticking his tongue through the holes. He also loves moving it about with his feet and grabbing it with his toes. How much more complete body workout and fun can you get for under $5?!

And as I mentioned, it’s completely squishable and one hopes, indestructable. I say that because it has been allocated the most modest of space in Calvin and my combined carry on. That’s right, you’ve got to have a toy or two to last you on a 17.5 hour flight.


Yes, the stowaway’s first flight is a major one. A “safari” in the original Swahili sense of the word, which means “long journey.” And ours is a long journey home to Africa.

Our bags are almost packed — Calvin’s a stylish Philippe Starck brandishing a bright green frog luggage tag. (Here’s hoping it’s not too attractive to baggage handlers). I’m trundling my trusty fatigue green Dakota, and we have a modestly-sized duffle for all things else. Like a somewhat portable baby playgym, Calvin’s blanket, a few more toys and his travel bassinet.

Which all leads me to say that with no laptop being packed, this blog is officially on hiatus. (Defined as “A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break.”) Or as like to think of it… vacation! So here’s wishing you a great month, and we’ll see you back here in July. Until then, that’s all folks!

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