unicef_tag.gifA few weeks ago Calvin, my mom-in-law and I made a trip to the office to introduce the little guy to my colleagues. What I thought would be perhaps a two-hour stop turned our taking twice that time; so many good people, so good to see them, and the little guy is quite a charmer.

Of course he did manage to sleep through a good portion of the visit. But it was great fun nonetheless. One of the cutest keepsakes I’m definitely putting in his baby album is his security tag. Our front desk professionals creatively listed him as “Lil’ Kelvin”, so he definitely started the visit off right with rock star billing (if not the correct spelling.)

za_outfit.gifWe took a break for a meal, taking up occupancy in our director’s office. Calvin made himself comfy as you can see. Here he is sporting his South African gear, a cute one-piece with various wild animals on it and a tag in the middle of his chest proclaiming proudly “Made in Africa.” Wouldn’t want him to forget part of his roots.

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