C_swim_s.gifI have a new term of endearment for Calvin: Mr. Splish Splash. It’s one well-earned and earned this afternoon.

All elements aligned today: the temperature in New York was over 90 degrees F (about 33C), the temperature in the pool at our gym a block away was 80F (27C), and Calvin is over four months old, meaning he is allowed to go into the pool.

So, sporting swimming trunks and a matching sunhat that his Pop gave him, and a racy red T-shirt from his Bobo, we made our way to the pool.

Getting in and out the big pool with a baby is a two-person job. Fortunately there was a like-minded mom with a bobbing baby boy who helped me do the entry and exit safely. Calvin didn’t think the water was warm enough and he didn’t appreciate the splashing from some of the other small swimmers, but he enjoyed hanging on to mom and checking out the scene, which included a seniors water aerobics class.

A swimming class was scheduled for the big pool, so after 10 minutes we decamped to the baby pool. It was here, in the warm, shallow, toy-filled waters, that Calvin found his sea legs, so to speak. As he sat in the little pool, he discovered the joy of kicking his legs wildly, creating his own splashes and studying the unorthodox behaviour of things that float and bob.

After about 20 minutes it was time to let other little people take a turn in the mini-pool (although Calvin did play nicely with two older girls, that is until they tried to make off with all the pool toys!)

At home I popped the little guy into the bath to clean up and witnessed what is likely to become the norm… a splishing, splashing water-loving little boy. Those bath toys from his cousins gave him are going to become well used!

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